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Breaking Down the Shocking Yankees’ Move in the Alex Verdugo Trade: Potential Regrets Ahead?



In Nashville, the Red Sox once again find themselves on the receiving end of a potential pitching boost from the Yankees. The Alex Verdugo trade on Tuesday involved the transfer of three arms to Boston, raising the question: could one of these prospects emerge as the next Garrett Whitlock?

Garrett Whitlock, acquired by the Red Sox from the Yankees in the Rule 5 Draft after the 2019 season, made a notable impact in his rookie season, showcasing a 1.96 ERA in 46 appearances out of Boston’s bullpen. While he faced challenges in 2023, Whitlock remains a crucial asset in the Red Sox pitching staff.

Richard Fitts

Among the prospects acquired in the recent trade, Richard Fitts stands out as the most promising. Formerly ranked as the Yankees’ No. 12 prospect and fourth-best pitching prospect by MLB Pipeline, the 23-year-old demonstrated consistency in Double-A Somerset with a 3.48 ERA. Fitts, known for his fiery fastball and ambitious aspirations, now ranks as Boston’s second-best pitching prospect.

Greg Weissert, recognized by Yankees fans for his sporadic big-league appearances, brings a unique cross-body delivery and a potent slider to the table. While control issues have hindered his progress, Weissert’s potential as an effective reliever could be realized with improved command.

As for Nicholas Judice, the 22-year-old remains a bit of an unknown for the Red Soxβ€”a prospect with untapped potential. Selected by the Yankees in the eighth round of this year’s draft, Judice, a 6-foot-8 righty, is yet to make his minor-league debut. Only time will reveal if he can translate his potential into success in professional baseball.

With the departure of these arms to Boston, the question lingers: could any of them replicate the impact of Garrett Whitlock, making this trade a success for the Red Sox? The intriguing prospects and their potential contributions add an element of excitement to the post-trade analysis.