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Potential Secret Weapon! Discover the Next Homegrown Relief Ace That Could Transform the Game!”



Every year, I explore the potential candidates among young pitchers in the Yankees’ system who could emerge as the next homegrown relief ace. It’s an engaging and thought-provoking exercise that involves delving into the intricacies of the Yankees’ 40-man roster positions, pitcher performances, and developmental opportunities. This process has multiple layers, making it challenging to pinpoint the ideal candidates.

As of 2022, the trio of Luis Medina, Luis Gil, and Greg Weissert were considered for this role. Medina was part of the trade for Frankie Montas, Gil showed promise but faced setbacks due to Tommy John surgery, and Weissert earned the title of International League Pitcher of the Year in 2022 but was later traded in the Alex Verdugo deal. Before 2023, Weissert remained on the radar, now accompanied by Clayton Beeter and Jhony Brito. Beeter, currently on the 40-man roster, had a mixed 2023 season. Brito was a significant player involved in the Juan Soto trade. The common thread among these players is their desirability by other teams, making it challenging for them to secure a consistent spot on the Yankees’ roster.

While none of them have yet emerged as relief aces, I don’t see this as a reason to revamp the process. I typically seek players who have demonstrated the ability to handle multiple innings, possess one or two outstanding pitches, and are on the cusp of making it to the majors. In the past, there has been a slight inclination towards Latin-born pitchers, given their limited time in the minor leagues due to 40-man roster constraints compared to their American counterparts. This year, that trend persists, particularly with Triple-A starter Yoendrys GΓ³mez.