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Epic Seal of Approval from Deshaun Watson



The Cleveland Browns are on the lookout for an experienced backup quarterback, and one intriguing option being considered is Cam Newton, a choice that would likely receive the blessing of Deshaun Watson.

Newton, aged 34, has remained under the radar for the past two seasons but hasn’t formally retired from the game. His close relationship with Watson adds an interesting dimension to his candidacy for a backup role. Newton recently made an appearance on Watson’s podcast, highlighting their longstanding friendship. Watson has previously referred to Newton as his “big brother,” underscoring their deep bond.

Moreover, Newton shares a history with the Browns’ new offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, having won the MVP award in 2015 when Dorsey served as his quarterbacks coach with the Carolina Panthers.

Mary Kay Cabot, a Browns insider for Cleveland.com, addressed the potential of Newton joining the Browns as a backup quarterback, acknowledging the strong connections between Newton and Watson. While there haven’t been concrete rumors about Newton joining the Browns, Cabot emphasized the team’s openness to exploring all backup quarterback options, and Newton would likely receive Watson’s endorsement.

Among other options being considered for the Browns’ backup quarterback role are Joe Flacco, Jacoby Brissett, and Marcus Mariota. Flacco, in particular, performed admirably last season, garnering support from both the locker room and the city as the Browns secured a playoff spot with an 11-6 record. However, Flacco, now 39, is seeking a starting opportunity elsewhere, recognizing that such an opportunity is unlikely with Watson returning to the Browns.

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