Browns' Bold Move: Watson for $160M QB
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Browns’ Bold Move: Watson for $160M QB



Browns’ Bold Move: Watson for $160M QB


The Cleveland Browns remain committed to Deshaun Watson, but they are open to exploring any opportunities to alleviate themselves from his contract. This consideration arises due to the complexities surrounding Watson’s hefty $230 million fully-guaranteed deal, which still has three years left. Any potential trade would require involvement from a team seeking an upgrade at quarterback and willing to pay a premium for it, complicating matters further.

ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum, drawing from his experience as a former executive with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, recently proposed a trade scenario involving Watson and New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Tannenbaum suggested that Watson could be more valuable to the Giants than to the Browns, emphasizing the Giants’ immediate need for success and their perceived limitations with Jones at quarterback.

However, the debate over the trade proposal stirred discussion among ESPN Cleveland’s “The Really Big Show” hosts. While acknowledging the Browns’ quest for a Super Bowl title and their impressive 11-win season without Watson, Tannenbaum argued that maximizing Watson’s potential return could significantly enhance the team’s overall strength.

Despite the complexities associated with Watson’s contract and recent events, Tannenbaum emphasized the potential benefits for the Browns in leveraging Watson’s value in a trade scenario. Acquiring assets like Tee Higgins and Chris Jones could substantially improve the team’s roster, especially considering their existing depth at the quarterback position.