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Cleveland Browns’ Shocking Slide! See Where They Stand in AFC North Rankings for Week 13!



The Browns are still in playoff contention, but their recent loss to Denver exposed vulnerabilities, particularly in their offense due to injuries. Despite a formidable defense and strong special teams, the absence of key players like Nick Chubb and Deshaun Watson has hindered the team’s completeness. The Browns have managed to keep playoff hopes alive with clutch performances, boasting a franchise-record four winning drives in the final two minutes of regulation.

However, challenges persist, especially with the ongoing quarterback uncertainty. Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s concussion in the last game led to PJ Walker taking the field, but the offensive struggles are evident. With the potential absence of Thompson-Robinson, the Browns might turn to Joe Flacco, although doubts linger about his ability to address the offensive issues. The historically strong defense is now facing challenges, and the team’s margin for error has become increasingly slim.

The Browns, at 7-4, are in a better position for playoffs than missing them, but the latest quarterback situation and a faltering run defense present concerns at a crucial juncture in the season. Injuries to key players like Myles Garrett, Amari Cooper, and Thompson-Robinson have added to the adversity, with Garrett expressing determination to return promptly. However, some analysts believe these challenges might mark a turning point, potentially leading to a late-season tailspin rather than a playoff run. The upcoming game against the Rams could further test the team’s resilience, possibly involving the recently signed Joe Flacco in a starting role. The Browns, once promising this season, now find themselves navigating a challenging stretch with uncertainties looming over their key positions.