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Dive into Mark Craig’s Explosive Week 16 NFL Predictions! Get Ready for a Holiday Weekend Packed with Potential Super Bowl Showdowns!



Quarterbacks Brock Purdy of San Francisco and Lamar Jackson of Baltimore are set to go head-to-head in a Monday night showdown between leading teams. Week 16 is poised to deliver the season’s top two games, featuring matchups among the league’s top four teams, potentially offering a glimpse of the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys, ranking second in the NFC with a 10-4 record, face off against the Miami Dolphins, also with a 10-4 record and positioned second in the AFC. Monday night will see the Baltimore Ravens, leading the AFC with an 11-3 record, visiting San Francisco, where the 11-3 49ers hold the top spot in the NFC.

Another notable game showcases two teams with winning records and backup quarterbacks striving to maintain their playoff contention. In Houston, the Browns, aiming for their 10th win, enlist the services of 38-year-old quarterback Joe Flacco, hoping to achieve a 3-1 record. On the opposing side is Case Keenum, the 35-year-old backup for injured rookie C.J. Stroud, leading the 8-6 Texans in their quest for a second consecutive victory to stay competitive with the 8-6 Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC South.

Six noteworthy games are highlighted:

1. Vikings vs. Lions:Β Choose the team not vying for a division win with their fourth quarterback. Prediction: Lions 31, Vikings 23.

2. Packers vs. Panthers: Jordan Love surpasses Aaron Rodgers’ six wins in his debut year as a starter. Prediction: Packers 24, Panthers 17.

3. Cardinals vs. Bears:Β The Bears inch closer to hiring their next coach in a game against the Cardinals. Prediction: Cardinals 20, Bears 14.

4. Giants vs. Eagles (Lock of the Week): Facing the Giants twice in the final three weeks could help the Eagles overcome their late-season struggles. Prediction: Eagles 34, Giants 17.

5. Seahawks vs. Titans (Upset of the Week):Β A short week and a cross-country trip may bring the Seahawks back to reality after an upset win over the Eagles. Prediction: Titans 20, Seahawks 14.

6. Ravens vs. 49ers (Game of the Week): Brock Purdy (or Christian McCaffrey?) begins his MVP closing argument in a clash between the top teams in each conference. Prediction: 49ers 28, Ravens 25.

Season Results:
– Season record straight up/against the spread: 48-45; 40-53.
– Upset special: 4-11.
– Lock of the Week: 12-3.
– Vikings: 8-6.

Mark Craig, with a vast NFL coverage experience since 1991, provides insights into the upcoming matchups and his predictions. He can be reached at mcraig@startribune.com or 612-673-7011.