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RG3: Purdy Named NFL’s Top QB in 2023



Brock Purdy’s remarkable performance in the 2023 NFL season has sparked a debate about his standing among quarterbacks, with one notable former quarterback championing him as the epitome of excellence at the position.

Robert Griffin III, who once thrived under 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s guidance as his offensive coordinator in Washington, voiced his belief that Purdy was the premier quarterback in the league last season, despite finishing fourth in NFL MVP voting. Griffin attributed Purdy’s success not merely to the system he operates in but to his undeniable talent and accomplishments on the field.

According to Griffin, Purdy’s statistical prowess speaks volumes, leading in various metrics such as QBR, passer rating, touchdown percentage, and EPA per play. Griffin countered the notion that Purdy’s success is solely a byproduct of his surroundings, highlighting his proficiency in making tight-window throws and his ability to perform under pressure, exemplified by his Super Bowl LVIII performance.

Griffin acknowledged Purdy’s occasional setbacks, such as a rough outing against the Ravens and a mid-season slump, but emphasized that these moments do not define Purdy’s overall capability. He suggested that criticism of Purdy may stem more from observers’ own insecurities and envy of his situation rather than genuine flaws in his game.

Despite the disappointment of falling short in the Super Bowl, Purdy’s performance showcased his potential as a franchise quarterback for the 49ers, throwing for 31 regular-season touchdowns and demonstrating exceptional yards per attempt. While the loss stung, Purdy’s resilience and talent offer reassurance to San Francisco fans that they have a promising leader for the future.