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Future with the 49ers – Will They Bring Him Back?



Sam Darnold, currently an unrestricted free agent, faces uncertainty regarding his future with the 49ers. When he initially signed with the team, it was during Brock Purdy’s injury, creating the potential for Darnold to start early in the season. However, Purdy quickly recovered, had a standout season, and Darnold only started one game, resulting in a loss.

This move to the 49ers somewhat backfired for Darnold, as he didn’t have the chance to demonstrate on the field that he has improved since his struggles in New York and Carolina. Consequently, he remains in a similar position as before. While other teams in need of a starting quarterback might not view Darnold as their solution, his familiarity with Kyle Shanahan’s system makes him a valuable backup for any team employing it.

Given the limited interest Darnold may receive in the open market, he could consider signing another one-year deal with the 49ers. This decision would allow him to continue learning Shanahan’s system, potentially securing a backup role in the NFL for the foreseeable future.