Unbelievable Achievements! Zanker's Jaw-Dropping Reflections on the Spectacular 2023 Season Will Leave You Speechless! - footballivenews
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Unbelievable Achievements! Zanker’s Jaw-Dropping Reflections on the Spectacular 2023 Season Will Leave You Speechless!



“Determined Dedication! Zanker’s Reflection on the 2023 Season Reveals Her Commitment to Excellence!”

The 24-year-old tirelessly refined her forward skills, concentrating on aerial contests, goalkicking, and overall gameplay.

When Melbourne’s season officially began, this Demon was on fire, consistently delivering top-notch performances week after week.

She averaged nearly four marks per game, boasted 4.7 score involvements, set a record with 23 goals in 12 games, and remained a formidable force for the Dees inside the 50.

Despite the team falling short of ultimate success in the semi-final, Zanker received well-deserved recognition for her exceptional individual campaign. She secured a spot in the All-Australian side and clinched the leading goalkicker title alongside teammate and captain Kate Hore.

“You certainly don’t anticipate achieving those milestones at the start of the season,” Zanker shared with Melbourne Media.

“You just enter the season wanting to play a role and contribute to the team’s success. So, it’s definitely a moment of self-appreciation to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished and the hard work you’ve invested in the season.”

Zanker and Hore celebrated their achievement at the 2023 W Awards, accepting the leading goalkickers medals together.

The forward commended Hore’s leadership as the newly appointed captain, expressing pride in sharing the honor with her cherished teammate.

“I honestly could not think of a better person to share the honor with,” Zanker remarked.


“Kate is not only an amazing leader of the club, but she’s such a humble, kind-hearted soul and brings so much to this club. She’s an inspiration on and off the field, so, to share that with her was an amazing experience, and I loved every bit of it.”

While Zanker’s motivation during the pre-season was self-improvement, she found herself becoming an on-field leader in the forward line throughout the year due to retirements and absences.

With Melbourne’s AFLW season now concluded, the players will enjoy an extended break before the pre-season kicks off in 2024. Despite only a couple of weeks off, Zanker is already eager to return to training.

“I’m already itching to get back out there, and I’ll definitely be a jealous onlooker with the grand final coming this weekend,” Zanker said.

“But I’m looking forward to re-energizing and rejuvenating a little bit and definitely pretty keen to get stuck back into it.”

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