Shocking Revelation: David Njoku's Horrifying Bonfire Mishap Scorches '17-to-18 Percent' of His Body! - footballivenews
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Shocking Revelation: David Njoku’s Horrifying Bonfire Mishap Scorches ’17-to-18 Percent’ of His Body!



Cleveland Browns’ Star Tight End, David Njoku, suffered severe burns on his face and arms during a frightening home fire pit accident earlier in September.

In a video shared by the Browns on social media and their team website, Dr. Joseph Khouri, Njoku’s doctor, disclosed further details about the incident. According to Dr. Khouri, Njoku sustained burns covering roughly 17 percent of his body surface, described as among the most excruciating burns one could experience.

Dr. Khouri specified Njoku’s injuries as second-degree partial-thickness burns affecting the top layers of his skin. Despite the severity, the doctor advised against playing.

Remarkably, Njoku hasn’t missed a game throughout the season, even after the harrowing incident. Despite the explosion during the mishap, Njoku remarkably played two days later, showcasing an impressive performance against the Baltimore Ravens, recording six catches for 46 yards.

Throughout this season, Njoku, a first-round pick from 2017, has contributed significantly to the Browns’ games, securing 51 catches, 492 receiving yards, and scoring two touchdowns across 11 games for the team, currently standing at 7-4.

As the Browns gear up to face the Rams in Los Angeles on Sunday, Njoku intends to wear custom cleats, participating in the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats campaign to honor the American Burn Association.

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