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SHOCKING Outcome in Rule 5 Draft! Phillies Suffer MAJOR Loss with 4 Pitchers GONE



During the annual MLB Rule 5 Draft on Wednesday night, the Philadelphia Phillies organization underwent changes involving nine players, with four departing during the Minor League phase.

While there was speculation about the possibility of Phillies’ No. 6 prospect Carlos De La Cruz being selected, none of the four players chosen were among the Phillies’ top 30 prospects, and they now do not rank in the top 30 prospects of their new clubs.

Although some Rule 5 Draft selections have shown talent in the past decade, such as Mark Canha and Anthony Santander, it seems unlikely that these minor leaguers will have a significant impact on the Major League roster in the next few years. The Phillies, now with additional 40-man roster spots, can focus on strengthening their championship-hopeful roster in win-now mode.

The Phillies lost four pitchers, including two left-handers and two right-handers, with selections made by the Tampa Bay Rays, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, and Houston Astros from the Phillies’ minor leagues.

In Round 1, Rafael Marcano, a left-handed pitcher (MIN), who was the Phillies’ minor league Pitcher of the Month in August, demonstrated impressive strikeout abilities. In Round 2, Keylan Killgore, a left-handed pitcher (KCR), known for his strikeout stuff, faced challenges with Reading in 2023. Round 2 also saw Carlos Betancourt, a right-handed pitcher (HOU), a project player from Venezuela, who shows promise with potential development. In Round 3, Blake Brown, a right-handed pitcher (TBR), who hasn’t pitched professionally since 2021, poses uncertainty but may benefit from Tampa’s pitching development track record.

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