The Phillies face the possibility of losing a standout prospect in the Rule 5 Draft. - footballivenews
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The Phillies face the possibility of losing a standout prospect in the Rule 5 Draft.



Carlos De La Cruz’s potential ascent to the Majors next season hinges on his progress throughout 2023 with the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the looming question is whether he will make the leap with the Phillies or end up with another team. De La Cruz is among several Phillies prospects left exposed to the Rule 5 Draft, scheduled for Wednesday during the MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville.

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During the recent deadline, the Phillies chose not to include De La Cruz on the 40-man roster, a move that would have shielded him from the Rule 5 Draft. The decision was necessitated by De La Cruz’s tenure in the minors since 2018, prompting the Phillies to make a pivotal choice regarding his future.

While there’s a chance that De La Cruz may go unselected, returning to the Phillies, considers him the most captivating prospect in the draft. Standing at an imposing 6-foot-8, De La Cruz showcases surprising athleticism and versatility, capable of playing all three outfield positions and first base. This flexibility offers potential suitors various options to integrate his burgeoning power bat into their lineup if they choose to draft him. In the 2023 season, he displayed considerable power, hitting 24 home runs, albeit benefiting from the favorable conditions at Double-A Reading.

Should a team select De La Cruz, it indicates their recognition of his potential, aligning with the Phillies’ assessment. If chosen, he must immediately join that team’s 26-man roster, with the acquiring team obligated to pay the Phillies $100,000. However, if he is released at any point in 2024, he would be subject to outright waivers and offered back to the Phillies for $50,000.

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