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Mind-Blowing Drama Unfolds as Big 10 Coaches Throw Major Shade at JJ McCarthy.



When it comes to the buzz around Michigan football, the focus extends beyond Coach Jim Harbaugh’s future – there’s another intriguing mystery surrounding their star quarterback and team MVP. As they gear up for the Rose Bowl clash against Alabama in the college football playoffs, worries loom over the late-season performance dip of Wolverines quarterback JJ McCarthy.

In a recent feature on The Athletic, undisclosed coaches from the Big 10 shared their candid opinions with CFB writer Bruce Feldman regarding the uncertainties surrounding the Wolverines’ standout quarterback. McCarthy showcased brilliance in the initial nine games of the season, boasting 18 touchdowns and a mere three interceptions (all occurring in the win against Bowling Green).

During this impressive run, he averaged 237 yards per game. However, the stats for JJ McCarthy since then have taken a downturn – a mere 124 yards per game and just one touchdown pass. The concerns have not gone unnoticed, with peers of Jim Harbaugh expressing their reservations.

“I don’t know what’s causing him to be hesitant and not as decisive as he was earlier,” remarked a Big Ten head coach who faced Michigan. “He seems out of sync lately.”

A peculiar connection emerges when delving into McCarthy’s late-season slump – it aligns with the departure of Conor Stalions, the assistant embroiled in the Wolverines’ sign-stealing “scandal.” McCarthy’s last standout performance was against Purdue on November 4, the day before Stalions left.

Another Big Ten head coach noted the shift. They’re different now. It makes a huge difference to know when blitzes are coming, so when you pick it up, you can really attack it.

Speculation also swirls around McCarthy potentially playing hurt, possibly sustaining a foot injury against Penn State. Despite throwing only eight passes in that game, the UM running game’s dominance (227 yards) rendered McCarthy’s limited passes unnecessary.

“It does make you wonder,” shared a defensive analyst whose team faced Michigan. “Going into our game, I thought he was among the best in the country. Afterward, I didn’t think the same. Once all that stuff happened, he just doesn’t look the same. I don’t know if he’s hurt. I thought he was a Heisman candidate. Heisman quarterbacks don’t throw only eight passes in a game. I think before, he was ready for it and he was confident.”

Looking ahead to the Rose Bowl matchup against Alabama, Michigan football faces the challenge of the Crimson Tide’s formidable defensive front. Despite criticisms of McCarthy’s late-season performance, it’s crucial to acknowledge that their final three opponents boasted the NCAA’s top three defenses in yards allowed per play: Penn State (3.91), Iowa (3.99), and Ohio State (4.12).

While Alabama ranks 15th with 4.94 yards allowed per play, it’s essential to factor in Jim Harbaugh’s suspension for three of those games. Alabama, however, appears unfazed by McCarthy’s late-season struggles.

“Watching them, they’re like a real balanced team,” commented Alabama defensive back Malachi Moore. “JJ McCarthy does a good job of managing their offense and setting up the offense, changing the look if you give away a blitz or something like that, checking the calls, and putting his team in the best situation to win.