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Michigan’s Rising Star LB Dives into Rose Bowl Practice – Exclusive Insights from a Decorated High School Career!



“Exclusive: Michigan’s Star Linebacker, Jeremiah Beasley, Spills the Beans on Rose Bowl Prep – Late to Signing Day, but for a Good Reason!”

In a surprising turn of events at Belleville High School, four-star linebacker Jeremiah Beasley arrived fashionably late to his signing day ceremony on Wednesday. However, it turns out he had a valid excuse – having just completed his fourth practice with the top-ranked Wolverines, gearing up for a clash against No. 4 Alabama in the Rose Bowl national semifinal on Jan. 1.

Despite not playing in the bowl game, Beasley, a proud Michigan signee from the class of 2024, is relishing the experience of participating in the team’s practices and will even travel with them to California.

In an exclusive interview, Beasley shared his excitement, stating, “I’m loving it. Just to be able to practice, give them a look for the Alabama game – it’s a fantastic experience.”

Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 210 pounds, Beasley is the lone early signing day recruit out of Michigan’s 27 to have practiced with the team so far. He expressed his initial hesitation, saying, “First day I got up there, it was a little weird. But this is only day four, and I feel like I already know the whole team. It’s a family.”

Beasley, committed to Michigan since June, faced a setback when linebackers coach Chris Partridge was abruptly fired in November. Despite the shake-up, Beasley remained steadfast in his commitment, emphasizing the family atmosphere within the team.

His parents, Peggy Carr and Will McMichael, who is also Belleville’s offensive line coach, were convinced of Michigan’s appeal after a visit from head coach Jim Harbaugh, defensive coordinator Jesse Minter, and defensive backs coach Steve Clinkscale. McMichael stated, “We just felt that confidence that it’s a family atmosphere, and that’s what we’re used to.”