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Major NFL Shake-Up



The San Francisco 49ers, known for their proactive approach leading up to the NFL trade deadline to enhance their playoff potential, are part of a consortium of six teams proposing a shift in the trade deadline from Week 8 to Week 10 each season. This move is aimed at extending the window for impactful in-season transactions. Joining forces with the Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions, the 49ers seek a later deadline to stimulate more mid-season activity.

While the proposal’s approval remains uncertain and may face disagreement among NFL owners and general managers, the motivation behind this initiative is evident. Browns GM Andrew Berry highlighted the NFL’s notably early trade deadline compared to other major sports leagues. The proposal suggests moving the deadline to around 55 percent of games played, maintaining season integrity. The argument is reinforced by historical data showing many teams within two games of a wild-card spot after Week 10.

Despite potential counter-arguments, such as concerns about tanking, there is discussion about moving the deadline at least to Week 9, especially considering the recent addition of a 17th game to teams’ schedules. The final decision rests with the NFL, and regardless of the outcome, the 49ers and GM John Lynch are expected to maintain their active approach during every trade deadline.

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