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Justin Jefferson’s Incredible Experience Filming Super Bowl LVIII Spot in Ghana



Witnessing Justin Jefferson execute spectacular catches on the football field is nothing out of the ordinary. However, during a commercial aired during Super Bowl LVIII, NFL fans were treated to a captivating scene where the Vikings receiver showcased his skills in an unconventional setting – Ghana, Africa.

The commercial, titled “Born to Play,” commenced with a young Ghanaian boy named Kwesi, adorned in a Lamar Jackson jersey, engrossed in NFL highlights on a tablet. Encouraged by his father to retire for the night, Kwesi bid goodnight to an image of Giants running back Saquon Barkley, among other NFL posters adorning his walls.

The following morning, viewers were transported into Kwesi’s imaginative world. As he dashed through his home clutching a football, Kwesi deftly navigated around family members and the breakfast table, treating them as if they were defensive adversaries on the football field. His journey continued through a bustling marketplace in Accra, Ghana, where he encountered NFL stars donning their game-day attire.

Evading the pursuit of 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, Kwesi launched a pass to Jefferson, who soared to make a remarkable catch, landing amidst a cart of vegetables. “Hit the Griddy?” Jefferson quipped, as the two jubilantly celebrated.

Kwesi’s escapade continued as he eluded Saints edge rusher Cam Jordan and attempted to pass to Barkley, only to be “intercepted” by a mischievous dog. Unfazed, Kwesi pursued the dog outside the marketplace, where he stumbled upon an American football camp beyond a fence. It was here that he encountered NFL Legend Osi Umenyiora, who shared a message of encouragement and empowerment with Kwesi, affirming that dreams can indeed become reality.

The commercial concluded with a powerful message highlighting the NFL International Player Pathway Program, which aims to facilitate opportunities for aspiring football athletes worldwide.

While the athletes featured in the commercial were depicted as “imaginary” within the storyline, Jefferson and his NFL counterparts actually journeyed to Ghana to film the spot in an authentic local marketplace. Reflecting on the experience, Jefferson expressed his excitement for sharing American football’s love with the global community, emphasizing the cultural richness and warmth encountered during the trip.

The behind-the-scenes footage showcased the camaraderie and enthusiasm among the diverse cast and crew, highlighting the shared goal of inspiring and uplifting others through the power of storytelling and sport. Jefferson, in a personal Instagram post, lauded the experience as “amazing” and commended Kwesi for his professionalism, underscoring the lasting impact of the journey.

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