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49ers Eyeing Ex-Super Bowl Champ for Hire



The San Francisco 49ers are considering bringing on board former Super Bowl Champion and Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel as their next defensive coordinator. Despite initially planning to retain all coaches for the upcoming season, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has made the decision to relieve Steve Wilks of his duties, prompting the search for a new DC. Wilks, hired for only a year, filled the role after DeMeco Ryans departed to lead the Houston Texans.

Although the 49ers ranked third in points allowed and eighth in yards allowed during the regular season, Shanahan deemed Wilks unfit for the team’s defensive objectives. This move surprised many, especially after Wilks contributed to the team’s recent Super Bowl run. The heartbreaking overtime loss to the Chiefs may have influenced the decision.

However, NFL social media outlets are criticizing the 49ers for scapegoating Wilks, arguing that he should not bear the blame for the Super Bowl defeat. Fans are displeased with the decision, expressing sympathy for Wilks and suggesting that he will soon find another coaching opportunity elsewhere.

There’s speculation that if Vrabel joins the 49ers as their defensive coordinator, he could potentially return to head coaching with another team in 2025. An intriguing possibility is for Shanahan to elevate Vrabel to head coach if the 49ers return to the Super Bowl but fall short, similar to Ryans’ trajectory. With three Super Bowl victories as a player and a defensive mindset that could benefit players like Nick Bosa, Vrabel’s experience and potential success with the 49ers could pave the way for future head coaching opportunities.

Despite his lack of coaching Super Bowl wins, Vrabel’s leadership almost led the Titans to the Super Bowl in 2021, earning him Coach of the Year recognition for guiding the team to the playoffs after a prolonged drought. The 49ers would be remiss not to seriously consider Vrabel as they search for a new defensive coordinator, as his addition could greatly enhance their chances of reaching the Super Bowl.

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