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Justin Jefferson Will Sign With



Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, widely regarded as one of the league’s premier receivers, has been the linchpin of the team’s offense, setting numerous NFL records since joining the Vikings. Despite entering his prime years, there are speculations, as reported by Bleacher Report, that the Vikings might entertain the idea of trading Jefferson during the offseason, particularly to an NFC West team, as part of a strategic move to free up funds for a potential rebuilding phase.

The proposed trade scenario involves the Arizona Cardinals targeting Jefferson. The suggested deal outlines a significant exchange, with the Cardinals offering a 2024 first-round pick (number 4 overall), a 2025 first-round pick, and a 2024 third-round pick (number 71 overall). While the feasibility of such a trade is debatable, the report argues that it could be considered by Minnesota, given the indication of an impending rebuild for the team.

Insider Charley Walters, familiar with the Vikings’ dynamics, envisions a “full-scale rebuild” in Minnesota during the upcoming offseason. He questions the logic of committing to a massive extension for Jefferson, estimated at around $30 million per year, especially if the team anticipates challenging seasons ahead. Walters suggests that capitalizing on Jefferson’s substantial trade value might be a prudent move for the Vikings.

The Arizona Cardinals emerge as a plausible destination in this scenario. With a robust arsenal of 13 selections in the upcoming draft, the Cardinals could leverage some of these picks to acquire a player of Jefferson’s caliber. The presence of quarterback Kyler Murray and a promising, young team could make Jefferson an appealing addition to boost the Cardinals’ offensive prowess.

Arizona faced challenges with their receiving corps in 2023, relying heavily on tight end Trey McBride as their top pass catcher. McBride recorded 825 yards and three touchdowns. Acquiring Jefferson would undoubtedly provide a substantial upgrade to the Cardinals’ offense. The report concludes by posing the question of whether Jefferson will embark on a new chapter with a different team in 2024 or opt for a contract extension to stay with the Vikings.

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