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Philadelphia Eagles fans start petitions



Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce is currently contemplating his future with the team, sparking a groundswell of support and admiration from devoted fans who are eager to honor the legendary player. The news of a potential retirement after the Eagles’ recent loss has prompted an outpouring of sentiment on, with seven petitions gaining hundreds of responses.

These petitions reflect the diverse ways in which fans want to celebrate Kelce’s illustrious career. Some are advocating for the construction of a statue in his honor, a lasting tribute to his contributions to the team. Others propose establishing a designated “Jason Kelce Day” to annually celebrate his impact on and off the field.

In the heart of Delaware County, where Kelce is affectionately known as “Mr. Delco,” the Eagles center has become a revered figure. Notably, Kelce engages with the community, signing autographs, and making appearances at local events, including those hosted by Carl’s Cards & Collectibles. Carl Henderson, the owner of the establishment, fondly recalls the popularity of such events, describing an instance where fans filled Kelce’s pickup truck with beer as a testament to the Eagles center’s magnetic appeal.

One heartwarming encounter at a Broomall McDonald’s perfectly encapsulates Kelce’s humility. During a visit, he graciously signed a jersey for an employee and fan, Danielle Bonham, who spoke glowingly about Kelce’s down-to-earth nature. Bonham, having the opportunity to capture a photo with Kelce, emphasized his consistent and unchanged demeanor over the years.

Drafted in the sixth round in 2011, Kelce has devoted his entire 13-year career to the Eagles. He has emerged as a pivotal leader during the team’s six postseason appearances and two Super Bowl trips in the past seven seasons. Despite widespread speculation about his retirement, Kelce has chosen to withhold an official announcement about his playing future, a decision he addressed on the latest episode of his podcast, indicating that he will reveal his plans “when it’s time.” The uncertainty surrounding Kelce’s future has only intensified the eagerness among fans to honor and celebrate the enduring legacy of this beloved Eagles icon.

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