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Game-Changing Move: Red Sox Score Big with Former All-Star!



In a different winter, under different circumstances, the Red Sox’s acquisition of Lucas Giolito could be seen as a valuable addition, aimed at strengthening the team’s rotation and providing much-needed innings. However, given the unique challenges of this particular winter, the situation is more complex.

Lucas Giolito

The addition of Giolito is expected to enhance the Red Sox’s performance in 2024, primarily because the starting rotation’s standard has been set quite low. With Boston’s starters ranking 22nd among all major league teams with a subpar 4.68 ERA, almost any addition would make a noticeable difference. Despite a less-than-stellar 2023 season (8-15, 4.88), Giolito is statistically better than average. He has garnered votes for the AL Cy Young Award three times between 2019 and 2021 and has displayed durability, making 29 or more starts in each of the last five full-length seasons.

However, it’s important to note that Giolito is currently seen as a mid-rotation optionβ€”not someone considered a front-of-the-rotation ace. This is a crucial distinction, especially considering the Red Sox’s pressing need for a top-tier arm.

The team was not in the running for prominent pitchers like Aaron Nola, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Blake Snell, or Jordan Montgomery. Barring an unforeseen trade, Giolito stands as the most significant starting pitching move for the Red Sox this offseason, a period when the team required more impactful additions.

The uncertainty surrounding Chris Sale’s reliability, coupled with the potential of homegrown talent Brayan Bello, adds further complexity to the rotation. While the Red Sox have quantity in terms of pitchers like Garrett Whitlock, Tanner Houck, Nick Pivetta, and Kutter Crawford, quality remains a concern. As the 2024 season approaches, the team’s rotation is led by a somewhat fragile former ace and a promising but relatively inexperienced 24-year-old.

Giolito’s 2023 season was marked by personal challenges, including a divorce and a mid-season trade. Despite a downturn in performance, evaluators familiar with Giolito anticipate a rebound in Boston, citing the stability and comfort provided by the new environment.

While Giolito’s addition is deemed solid and fine, it falls short of the anticipated dramatic surge forward. It is viewed as a modest step toward improvement, offering reliability in terms of innings and strikeouts. However, it doesn’t carry the weight of a transformative or statement signing that would definitively lift the Red Sox out of the division basement. Incremental improvement, while better than nothing, may not be sufficient to convince fans of a significantly different outcome in the upcoming season.