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Finally Vikings QB Kirk Cousins reportedly…



Approaching his 36th birthday and recovering from surgery on his torn right Achilles tendon, Kirk Cousins expressed his willingness to accept a slightly reduced salary to stay with the Minnesota Vikings. As reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Cousins would forgo free agency and extend his tenure with the Vikings for the next two seasons if they meet his requested sum of $90 million until 2025. Despite the seemingly high figure, Cousins, currently earning an average salary of $35 million on his existing contract, ranked 15th in the league.

In the event of securing another guaranteed contract, with a projected cap hit of $45 million in 2024, Cousins would fall between Josh Allen and Derek Carr, ranking eighth in the league. Cap maneuvering could potentially lower Cousins’ cap number for the upcoming season. However, the Vikings also face crucial negotiations for contracts with key players like wide receiver Justin Jefferson and edge rusher Danielle Hunter.

Cousins emphasized that, in free agency, his primary focus would be on the “structure” of the contract rather than the salary when his current contract automatically voids in March. He clarified that by “structure,” he meant aspects beyond financial considerations, indicating a willingness to work through other details. Among teams possibly seeking a quarterback, his former team, the Washington Commanders, is expected to have the most cap space at approximately $77 million. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots, with around $66 million in projected cap space, may explore top quarterbacks in the draft with their No. 3 overall pick.

Cousins, not inclined to aggressively promote himself, acknowledged the league’s need for quarterbacks and expressed confidence in his recovery from the Achilles injury. Despite turning 36 before the next regular-season game, he remains optimistic about his performance as a pocket passer. The fourth-round pick from 2012 had an impressive start to the 2023 season with 18 touchdown passes before the Achilles injury sidelined him after eight weeks.

As negotiations unfold, the Vikings face challenges in managing contracts, particularly with Justin Jefferson, set to receive $19.7 million on his fifth-year option. Jefferson is poised to join the exclusive group of wide receivers with contracts exceeding $100 million. Additionally, edge rusher Danielle Hunter, who achieved a career-high 16.5 sacks in 2023, resolved a contract standoff to continue contributing to the team.