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Vikings Hint at Kirk Cousins Free Agency Exit to Falcons



Arthur Blank’s decision to retain Arthur Smith as the Falcons’ head coach wasn’t driven by a desire to initiate a rebuilding phase. Instead, Blank aims for the team to remain competitive throughout the 2024 season, recognizing that relying solely on a rookie quarterback might not optimize Atlanta’s chances of ending their postseason drought this year.

Ideally, the Falcons seek to address both immediate and long-term needs in the upcoming months, even if it entails exploring options in the quarterback market from multiple angles. A strategic approach could involve signing an experienced quarterback like Kirk Cousins to bolster their immediate prospects, while simultaneously drafting a promising young talent such as J.J. McCarthy to develop behind the veteran for future seasons.

However, the Falcons aren’t the only team eyeing Cousins. Numerous clubs in need of quarterback talent and aspiring to contend will undoubtedly express interest in the 35-year-old, including his current team, the Vikings. Yet, Minnesota’s reluctance to commit to a fully guaranteed contract could potentially pave the way for Atlanta to swoop in and secure his services.

Reports indicate that the Vikings have reservations about offering Cousins a fully guaranteed deal, a stance consistent with their approach since his arrival in Minnesota six years ago. With Cousins ineligible for franchise tagging, there’s a real possibility that the Vikings may allow him to explore free agency. Market estimates suggest Cousins could command a lucrative three-year deal with an average annual value exceeding $39 million.

Despite the financial considerations, Cousins’ on-field performance before his injury in Week 8 underscores his value. His impressive statistics, including career-high passing yards per game and a favorable touchdown-to-interception ratio, justify the hefty price tag. If the Falcons can leverage this level of production, Cousins’ potential contract could offer substantial value, placing him among the top quarterbacks in the league without commanding a top-tier salary.

Moreover, the Falcons possess compelling factors that could entice Cousins to consider a move to Atlanta. The NFC South presents a more favorable path to success compared to the highly competitive NFC North. Additionally, Cousins’ personal connections to the metro area, including his wife’s ties, and the Falcons’ promising roster dynamics further enhance the appeal of joining the organization.