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Cub Tracks Infused with the Secret Ingredient that Sets it Apart – Garlic in its Soul!



Welcome to the latest edition of Cub Tracks news and notes™, a curated compilation of insights from Chicago-based beat writers and bloggers, brewed from the realms of #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball. This blend is crafted with passion, seasoned with the sweat of writers, and cold-steeped overnight for an optimal flavor experience.

On most days, my companions in navigating the day are coffee, cannabis, and colorful language – a routine unlikely to waver even on the eve of a holiday. As a writer featured in 24 books, a day off wouldn’t divert me from my penchant for pondering stories and engaging in spirited conversations with the television (my chosen pastime).

Today promises ample material for vociferous reactions, with the Bears facing off against the Cardinals. The ongoing scrutiny of Justin Fields adds an extra layer of intrigue. While I hope the Chicago blues won’t be playing in 2024, a nagging suspicion suggests the postseason might just pass by without a Chicago celebration. The recent Hawks vs. Blues match in St. Louis, that plastic-wrapped burial ground, certainly fueled my expressive outbursts.

However, I anticipate an even greater eruption when Cody Bellinger joins Toronto, Matt Chapman dons the Giants’ colors, and a myriad of players sign lucrative deals with the Dodgers, potentially kickstarting a league of their own.

Warm Holidaze wishes from my corner of the world to yours. Dahoo dahoo dahoo doray.

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Eli Ong (WGN9*): Exploring Cubs’ free agency landscape: What’s the buzz on Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, and Rhys Hoskins? “…the North Siders have multiple opportunities to make a significant impact in free agency.”
Jordan Campbell (Cubbies Crib*): Insights from the latest 2024 projections might steer the Chicago Cubs toward this particular free agent. “Despite offensive struggles for most of the 2023 MLB season, third baseman Matt Chapman is forecasted to have a commendable 2024 campaign.”
Evan Altman (Cubbies Crib*): Patrick Wisdom deserves exclusion from your Festivus grievances. “While many view him as an average player, especially considering his modest salary, critics unfairly paint him as the worst to ever grace the Cubs’ roster.” Jake Misener delves deeper into Wisdom’s contributions.
Peter Marzano (NBC Sports Chicago*): Christopher Morel showcases a spectacular over-the-shoulder catch in the Dominican Winter League. “Though it’s the MLB offseason, not all players are taking a break…”
Aram Leighton (Just Baseball*): Unveiling the top prospects for the Chicago Cubs in 2024. “As a major market team with ample resources, there’s still a wealth of young talent heading to the north side of Chicago.”

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Norad Tracks Santa.

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