🚨 Jerry Rice Issues Challenge to Christian McCaffrey: Smash 49ers' TD Record! Can He Outshine the Legend? - footballivenews
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🚨 Jerry Rice Issues Challenge to Christian McCaffrey: Smash 49ers’ TD Record! Can He Outshine the Legend?



Many athletes aspire for their records to endure indefinitely. Yet, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice expresses a willingness to witness one of his enduring records with the San Francisco 49ers surpassed by standout running back Christian McCaffrey.

Rice boasts various franchise records for the 49ers, notably the most touchdowns in a single season. This particular record was established in the 1987 season when Rice achieved an impressive 22 TDs. Currently, McCaffrey is in pursuit with 20 touchdowns and three games remaining in the 2023 campaign.

In a recent appearance on The Warner House podcast, Rice, responding to host and 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, acknowledged his openness to McCaffrey claiming one of his records. Rice stated, β€œYesβ€”Because I believe records are meant to be broken. What he brings to the table, I’m talking about from scrimmage, from rushing the ball, from catching the ball, scoring touchdowns, he does it all man, he does it all.”

Rice further emphasized his acceptance, noting, β€œSo it’s okay, it’s alright. I got quite a few records now, okay? I don’t mind sharing some of those records.”

Christian McCaffrey has distinguished himself in the 2023 season, emerging as a leading contender for the NFL MVP award. Across 14 games, McCaffrey has amassed 1,801 yards from scrimmage and secured 20 rushing and receiving touchdowns, leading the league in both categories.

Even in the event McCaffrey surpasses one of his records, Rice remains in possession of a substantial array of records in the NFL, encompassing most catches (1,549), most receiving yards (22,895), and most receiving TDs (197).