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Yankees’ honest feelings about new hitting coach



In their quest to return to the postseason, the New York Yankees have appointed James Rowson as their new hitting coach. As Opening Day approaches, Aaron Judge and DJ LeMahieu are fully embracing Rowson’s coaching philosophy.

Rowson’s tenure with the Yankees is not unfamiliar, having spent nine seasons with the team, including seven years as the minor league hitting coordinator. Judge and LeMahieu express confidence in Rowson’s abilities, emphasizing his comprehensive understanding of analytics, swing mechanics, and game planning.

Judge highlights Rowson’s proficiency in integrating analytics with on-field strategies, acknowledging his grasp of the complexities involved in facing formidable pitchers. LeMahieu echoes similar sentiments, citing positive feedback from players across the league and affirming his own productive sessions with Rowson.

Despite the Yankees’ offensive struggles in the previous season, scoring a modest 673 runs, Rowson’s arrival symbolizes a renewed focus on revitalizing the team’s offensive prowess. With the addition of star slugger Juan Soto, the Yankees aim to enhance their run-scoring capabilities. However, the collective efforts of Judge, LeMahieu, and the entire team, alongside Rowson’s guidance, will be crucial in achieving this objective.

Rowson’s hiring reflects the Yankees’ confidence in his expertise, as evidenced by the glowing endorsements from players even before the start of the season.

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