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Vikings Part Ways With $40 Million Starter



The Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator experienced the impact of not having Jordan Hicks in the lineup for four weeks during the late season due to an unexpected leg injury. Speaking on November 14, Flores described Hicks’ absence as a significant loss, particularly after the veteran linebacker faced a serious threat of amputation due to compartment leg syndrome.

Regarded as the linchpin of the Vikings defense for his role as the primary communicator of defensive play calls, Hicks made a comeback in December, delivering an impressive performance throughout the 2023 season. His noteworthy achievements have now positioned him as a potential target for multiple teams in the upcoming free agency period.

According to KSTPโ€™s Darren Wolfson, it is likely that Hicks will part ways with Minnesota. Despite being a well-liked figure in the locker room, Wolfson emphasized that Ivan Pace Jr. has proven fully capable of taking on the communicator role with the green dot, indicating that he can handle significant playing time. Given the Vikings’ myriad challenges and decisions ahead, Wolfson questioned the rationale behind re-signing Jordan Hicks.

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