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“Unlocking the Secrets of Radio Stardom with Koltyn Tholstrup – Tune In for the Inside Scoop!”



Tholstrup, hailing from Esperance in Western Australia, is set to embark on a journey to Melbourne in the coming days as he prepares to settle into his new home. Sharing his exhilarating experience of joining the Melbourne football club on a recent radio interview, Tholstrup expressed a mix of raw emotions and excitement.

On the Radio | Koltyn Tholstrup

“It’s pretty overwhelming; it hasn’t really sunk in yet,” Tholstrup confessed. “I think once I get over there, it might become a bit more real. I’m incredibly grateful, and it was fantastic to have my entire family around to celebrate.”

Despite receiving an invitation to the draft, Tholstrup opted to stay home and cherish the special evening with his closest family and friends. Reflecting on this decision, he emphasized the significance of having his grandparents, both in their 90s, present for the celebration.

“It meant a lot more to be able to have my grandparents there, who are in their 90s,” shared Koltyn. “It’s a long way from Esperance to Melbourne, and we could have a lot more [friends and family] here in Perth. There are no regrets at all; I loved having everyone there.”

WAFL first semi final – Claremont v Subiaco at Leederville Oval
Young star Koltyn Tholstrup scores early.

Melbourne, being the sole team to visit Tholstrup in person, secured a prime position to acquire the promising young player. With a robust roster and a plethora of emerging talents, Tholstrup is eagerly anticipating what the Demons have in store.

“They’re such a great club with an impressive list,” Tholstrup remarked. “I’ve already received messages from some of the boys, and there are so many greats to learn from. I’m pretty excited to get involved; it’s a very exciting time, and I can’t wait to get over there.”

Subiaco 2023 AFL Draft prospect Koltyn Tholstrup.

While the journey from Esperance to Melbourne is a considerable one, Tholstrup views the move as a nervous yet thrilling opportunity.

“I’ve been over to Melbourne for football, for national or state games,” Tholstrup shared. “But it’s similar to when I go to Perth; it’s a culture shock, but you sort of just get used to it. It won’t be too bad, I don’t think, but I’m excited.”

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