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Tribute Video for Jason Kelce😢



Get ready to grab some tissues, Eagles fans!

Following Jason Kelce’s emotional retirement announcement on Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles released a touching tribute video commemorating his 13 seasons with the NFL team.

The tribute begins with Jason, aged 36, reflecting on advice from his father, Ed Kelce, about cherishing each moment on the field.

“My dad always told me, play every snap like it could be your last because you never know when that last snap will come,” Jason shared. “You have to appreciate every play and every moment you have; it’s helped me truly value being here and my teammates even more.”

The heartfelt video features highlights from Jason’s tenure with the Eagles, spanning from his rookie year in 2011 to his memorable Super Bowl victory parade speech in 2018.

One poignant moment in the tribute includes footage of Jason expressing his determination to prove doubters wrong during an interview as a prospect from Cleveland Heights High School, aired before the 2011 Draft.

The Eagles expressed gratitude to Jason for his outstanding contributions as an ambassador for the Eagles Autism Foundation and for embodying the essence of a Philadelphia athlete in their tribute.

Clips of Jason engaging with Eagles fans at various events and community initiatives over the years are showcased in the nearly 7-minute video.

During his 40-minute retirement speech on Monday, Jason expressed profound appreciation for the Eagles organization.

As a father of three, he extended thanks to coaches, teammates, and even cafeteria workers, acknowledging their significant roles in his career. He also expressed gratitude to his wife, Kylie, mother Donna, father Ed, and brother Travis.

Reflecting on his journey, Jason recalled his agent’s words upon being drafted, emphasizing the fitting nature of Philadelphia as his home for 13 seasons filled with both triumphs and challenges.

While Jason wished to individually acknowledge everyone who contributed to his career, he opted to share cherished memories instead, recognizing the vast support network within the Eagles organization that made his journey possible.

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