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Is Russell Wilson to the Vikings a Smart Move?



The Broncos officially released Russell Wilson on Monday, sparking speculation about his next destination as free agency approaches on March 13. Naturally, there’s curiosity about whether Wilson could land in Minnesota if Kirk Cousins departs for Atlanta or elsewhere.

From a financial perspective, it makes sense for the Vikings. With approximately $37 million in cap space and impending big-money extensions and defensive needs, signing Wilson could be financially viable. The Broncos are still responsible for paying Wilson $39 million in 2024, but any amount he earns with his new team offsets what Denver owes. Wilson could even opt for the league minimum salary and still receive over $37 million from the Broncos due to offset language.

For the Vikings, signing Wilson presents an intriguing opportunity. They could acquire a former Super Bowl champion quarterback at a minimal cost, allowing them to extend Justin Jefferson, re-sign Danielle Hunter, and bolster their defense. Additionally, they could draft a future quarterback while signing Wilson to a short-term deal.

However, the main question is how Wilson fits into Kevin O’Connell’s quarterback preferences. At 35 years old, Wilson may not offer the same dynamic playmaking ability he once did, with declining rushing yards and passing statistics in recent seasons.

While Wilson has had success in the past, his performance has dipped, with the 2023 season marking career lows in passing yards and grades from Pro Football Focus (PFF). Some analysts doubt whether Wilson can still carry a team as he did in Seattle, especially considering the significant dead cap hits incurred by his past two teams upon moving on from him.

Ultimately, Wilson’s fit with the Vikings may hinge on more than just his statistics, as the team values culture and chemistry under its current leadership.

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