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Blake Corum, the former standout running back for Michigan, solidified his status as a legendary figure during his time in Ann Arbor. Standing at 5-8 and weighing 205 pounds, Corum not only shattered U-M’s all-time rushing touchdown record but also emerged as a focal point for the program’s revitalized culture under coach Jim Harbaugh. Renowned for his tireless work ethic, blue-collar mentality, and selfless team-first approach, Corum embodies the qualities every NFL team covets in their locker room. Moreover, his exceptional talent as a running back further enhances his appeal.

At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Corum showcased his impressive physical attributes. Leading all running backs with 27 reps on the bench press, he demonstrated his remarkable strength and dedication to conditioning. While his 40-yard dash time of 4.53 seconds was respectable, it was his performance in on-field drills that truly stood out. In these drills, Corum exhibited exceptional speed, agility, and decisive running, often surpassing other backs with faster 40 times. His ability to execute jump cuts, make split-second decisions with his vision, and quickly advance upfield highlights his elite skill set.

Furthermore, Corum displayed proficiency in catching passes out of the backfield, despite not frequently doing so during his college career. His versatility, combined with his unwavering positivity, understanding of the requisite hard work for success, and unwavering commitment to winning, makes him an exemplary draft prospect. Teams can confidently select Corum, knowing he will contribute both on and off the field, embodying a winning culture and positive representation. In summary, drafting Blake Corum comes with the assurance of productivity, cultural impact, and exemplary off-field character.