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Tom Brady’s Hype Video Riles Up Celtics Fans for Mavericks Showdown



Boston Celtics fans chanted, “We Want Boston!” as their team heads into the NBA Finals. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have led the team through a season where their success has often been downplayed. Critics claim their regular season didn’t matter and their postseason run is fraudulent due to injuries on other teams. Yet, the Celtics have silenced these doubters time and again. Now, they’re just four wins away from clinching their 18th banner against the Dallas Mavericks. To hype up the team, New England Patriots legend Tom Brady narrated their pre-NBA Finals video.

The video, narrated by Brady, captures the journey of Joe Mazzulla’s squad. They defeated the Miami Heat despite Kristaps Porzingis’ injury, overcame the Cleveland Cavaliers with standout performances from Derrick White and Al Horford, and swept the Indiana Pacers, who fought their way to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Despite these achievements, the Celtics have faced constant disrespect. Rumors suggest that Tatum and Brown don’t mesh well and that the Mavericks are a superior team, even though the Mavericks have the lowest regular-season win total among potential champions. These narratives persist despite the Celtics’ remarkable season.

Feeling disrespected?

The criticism might stem from Boston’s competitive nature. Tom Brady and the Patriots faced similar scrutiny during their NFL dominance, as did the Boston Red Sox during their World Series runs. It seems to come with the territory.

However, the Celtics are determined to prove their worth. With a 64-win regular season and no losing streaks over 10 games in the past eight months, their offense ranks as the best in the league at 123.2, and their defense is third with a 111.6 rating.

Individually, Jayson Tatum ranks top 10 in the postseason for points, rebounds, and assists. Jaylen Brown recently earned the Eastern Conference Finals MVP trophy. Derrick White, Jrue Holiday, and Al Horford have maintained high energy levels throughout, and Kristaps Porzingis is set to return.

Expectations are high, and the Celtics face significant challenges. They have seven games to dispel these negative notions against the Mavericks. But with the belief of Tom Brady and Celtics faithful, they might not need all seven games to achieve victory.

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