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Tiger Woods Stuns Golf World, Ready to Conquer the Boardroom



“Unforgettable Golf Moments: Tiger Woods’ Legendary Shots and the Lesser-Known ‘Little-M’ Gems

When you think of Tiger Woods, iconic shots like the Putt at Torrey or the Chip-in at Augusta instantly come to mind. These are the Moments, etched in golf fans’ memories. But what about the lesser-known ‘little-m’ moments? Those shots that may not have made the highlight reels but showcased Woods’ unparalleled skill and artistry.

Scottie Scheffler had a front-row seat to one such little-m moment during the fall-edition 2020 Masters. As Woods faced a challenging back nine and a disastrous 10 on the 12th hole, most players would have packed it in. Not Woods. He rallied, playing the final six holes in five under par, leaving an indelible mark on Scheffler. One shot, in particular, stood out – Woods’ tee shot at the par-3 16th, a perfectly executed short iron that landed just 18 inches from the hole.

Scheffler, awestruck, emphasized Woods’ competitiveness, drive, and distinctiveness, stating, “He’s different than the rest of us.”

Now, as Woods transitions to a new role off the course, his influence goes beyond the fairways. Recently appointed to the Tour policy board as its sixth player director, Woods is flexing his clout to shape the future of the PGA Tour. His involvement follows a series of clandestine meetings, a bombshell framework agreement, and a blindsided Woods determined to restore trust.

Justin Thomas describes Woods’ dedication to the role as “inspiring,” acknowledging the honor of passing the torch to Woods from legends like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Woods, in turn, is focused on paving the way for the next generation, ensuring transparency and player representation in Tour decisions.

Jordan Spieth, a recent addition to the policy board, commends Woods for not just throwing influence around but bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective. As the Tour grapples with changes and player concerns, Woods and his fellow board members face pressing issues, including addressing grievances from players like Lanto Griffin, who feels the new Tour structure unfairly disadvantages mid- and lower-tier players.

As the golf world watches the evolving role of Tiger Woods, both on and off the course, one thing is clear – his impact transcends Moments to include the invaluable ‘little-m’ moments that shape the future of the PGA Tour.”