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Tiger Woods Arena Everyone Is Talking About



The proposal to reconstruct the Tiger Woods-led indoor golf arena at Palm Beach State College using prefabricated metal rather than an air-inflated dome faced strong opposition from the college’s Board of Trustees during a recent meeting.

The trustees, who leased 10 acres to the TMRW Golf League, which includes star figures, expressed reluctance to immediately approve the proposal for a metal building to replace the dome destroyed in November due to high winds.

Although TMRW Sports Group is committed to broadcasting its first match at the facility in January 2025, trustees deferred a decision and scheduled another meeting for further discussion.

Trustee Wendy Link emphasized the importance of ensuring that the new building is not merely functional but also aesthetically pleasing and durable, expressing concerns about its long-term viability.

The lease agreement between the college and TMRW Sports Group, signed in November 2022, outlined provisions for the college to receive student training opportunities, publicity, and shared facility use. However, the lease did not include rental payments from TMRW Sports Group.

The proposed metal building, expected to cost significantly more than the previous dome, prompted discussions about revenue-sharing arrangements between the parties. TMRW Sports Group emphasized the financial challenges posed by the increased construction costs.

TMRW Sports Group, founded by former NBC Sports executive Mike McCarley in collaboration with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, presented plans for the new facility, highlighting its design and features aimed at enhancing the spectator experience and accommodating larger audiences.

The construction setback caused by the dome’s destruction led to a delay in the inaugural match, originally scheduled for January 2024, now rescheduled for January 2025.

The arena, known as “The Studio,” is envisioned as a state-of-the-art TV studio with seating for 1,500 fans and plans for live broadcasts on ESPN.

While the discussions continue, TMRW Sports Group remains committed to finding a solution and ensuring the successful completion of the project.

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