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T.J. Watt makes big annoucement



Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt made headlines by skipping the NFL Honors ceremony upon learning that he had not won the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Despite leading the league in sacks for the third time and surpassing the winner, Myles Garrett, in nearly every statistical category, Watt finished second in the voting. Now, he’s seeking clarity.

In an interview with Pardon My Take, Watt expressed his desire for a clearer understanding of the criteria for winning the award. He emphasized that his issue is not with the other players, acknowledging their exceptional talent, but rather with the voting process. Watt feels that the recognition of hard work and dedication should be transparent, especially when the Super Bowl victory isn’t attained.

Watt’s remarkable achievement of leading the league in sacks three times since the official recording of the stat in 1980 highlights his dominance on the field. The only statistical category where he and Garrett tied was forced fumbles. However, Garrett’s higher pass rush win rate, pressure rate, and increased double-team attention throughout the season swayed the voters in his favor.

Despite the disappointment, Watt sees the snub as fuel for motivation. Steelers fans can anticipate an even more determined Watt in the upcoming season as he strives to secure another Defensive Player of the Year award. Reflecting on his absence from the ceremony, Watt underscored his resolve to use the setback as inspiration for future success.

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