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Steve Wilks Firing creating tension



The San Francisco 49ers’ decision to dismiss defensive coordinator Steve Wilks following the Super Bowl raised eyebrows across the NFL coaching realm. Many perceived it as head coach Kyle Shanahan’s attempt to deflect blame away from his offense’s underperformance when it mattered most. Similarly, the firing shifted discussions away from the players’ lack of knowledge about overtime scoring rules rather swiftly.

While some defended the firing citing poor communication, numerous fans were surprised by the move. Additionally, Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler took to social media to caution current and aspiring NFL players and coaches, using Wilks’ firing as an example of why he himself avoids coaching.

Former Green Bay Packers safety Butler, who engaged in several intense playoff matchups against the 49ers, shared his perspective on Wilks’ dismissal on Saturday night:

Butler’s point highlighted the 49ers’ defensive prowess, boasting four Pro Bowl players: linebacker Fred Warner, cornerback Charvarius Ward, and defensive linemen Nick Bosa and Javon Hargrave. Warner received First Team All-Pro honors, while Ward was named Second Team All-Pro.

Insider Ian Rapoport revealed that the decision to part ways with Wilks wasn’t solely due to the Super Bowl loss but rather a culmination of communication lapses throughout the season. Even during the Super Bowl, Shanahan had to use a timeout due to defensive miscommunication.

Dontay Atkinson of ReachNorth Media further elucidated the firing:

“Steve Wilks’ departure wasn’t a reflection of his coaching abilities or the Super Bowl loss. It wasn’t about his race or any mistakes. Rather, it stemmed from persistent issues between the front and back halves of the defense throughout the season. Given the elite talent on the roster, such discord couldn’t persist. Sometimes, chemistry simply doesn’t align, and it wasn’t a judgment on Wilks’ skills. He’s a remarkable football mind; it just didn’t mesh with this program.”

Interestingly, Butler’s former team, the Packers, dismissed defensive coordinator Joe Barry after losing to the 49ers in the divisional round for similar communication issues. However, Barry was afforded three years to address these issues in Green Bay, unlike Wilks, who was terminated after just one season.

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