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Players Blamed for 49ers’ Defensive Decline!



The identity of the San Francisco 49ers’ new defensive coordinator won’t make a significant difference if their key players fail to exert maximum effort on the field.

In the recent season, the 49ers’ primary defensive issue wasn’t about strategy but rather about the players’ level of commitment, despite any assertions from the team. Blaming Steve Wilks for the Super Bowl loss seemed unfair, with Kyle Shanahan suggesting that Wilks struggled due to being an outsider adapting to the team’s defensive system established since 2017.

This explanation appears convenient.

When the team’s top-paid players demonstrated strong effort, the defense performed exceptionally well. Notably, they dominated games against the Cowboys and Eagles and contained the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. During these instances, the players displayed outstanding effort, contributing to Wilks’ success.

Even amidst inconsistent effort throughout the season, the 49ers defense yielded only 17.5 points per game, ranking among the league’s top three. This achievement reflects Wilks’ coaching prowess.

It’s not Wilks’ responsibility to ensure players like Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, Arik Armstead, Javon Hargrave, and Chase Young consistently give their best effort. These players are expected to perform at their peak, given their substantial salaries, and should motivate their teammates to do the same.

Exerting maximum effort is a fundamental expectation.

If these key players failed to consistently deliver for Wilks, there’s uncertainty about whether they’ll commit fully to the next defensive coordinator. By contributing to Wilks’ dismissal, they may continue to shift blame to future coaches for their shortcomings.

Perhaps it’s time for these players to introspect and take accountability for their actions.

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