Red Sox's Andrew Bailey Drops Bombshell! Declares Boston as THE Ultimate City for Winning - You Won't Believe the Reasons Why! - footballivenews
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Red Sox’s Andrew Bailey Drops Bombshell! Declares Boston as THE Ultimate City for Winning – You Won’t Believe the Reasons Why!



Even though Andrew Bailey’s personal season in 2013 didn’t conclude as he had hoped due to a shoulder injury, he had the opportunity to savor the special feeling of winning a World Series with the Boston Red Sox.

In 2013, the former closer participated in 30 games for Boston before his season was cut short in July. Despite missing the postseason, the two-time All-Star gained insight into the significance of winning in Boston, especially when the Red Sox are performing at their peak.

Reflecting on the experience, Bailey shared on MLB Network Radio, “We were a last-place team in 2012 and won the World Series in 2013. We kind of ran the gamut of experiences. It’s just such a special place. The fan base is amazing. Ultimately, it’s one of the greatest cities to win in. Their fans are electric in the environment there.”

Now transitioning into a coaching role with Boston, returning as the pitching coach, Bailey aims to infuse a championship-winning mentality into the team’s staff. He expressed his hope to contribute his insights as a former player who wore the Red Sox uniform, emphasizing the value of drawing from those experiences alongside the collective coaching and playing backgrounds.

As the Red Sox set their sights on a resurgence in 2024, Bailey looks forward to making a renewed impact in his coaching role, aiming to guide the team back to contention.

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