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Discover the free agent that readers are hoping the Red Sox will sign.



With the MLB offseason in full swing, the focus is on top free agents securing new contracts. Notable deals have already been inked, such as Aaron Nola committing to seven years and $172 million with the Philadelphia Phillies. Meanwhile, Sonny Gray is anticipated to sign a three-year, $75 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. These signings mark the beginning of a flurry of player movements expected before winter concludes.

As the offseason unfolds, Bostonians eagerly await the Red Sox’s moves in the free-agent market. The preferences vary among fans, with some hoping for strong pitchers and hitters, while others prioritize landing an elite starter. To gauge the collective sentiment of Red Sox fans, surveyed readers to identify the most desired free agent for the team.

The standout choice among readers is Yoshinobu Yamamoto, with 56% expressing a preference for the Japanese pitcher. Yamamoto’s impressive performance in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), boasting a 1.21 ERA and 0.88 WHIP with 145 strikeouts in 164 innings, has generated considerable excitement. Beyond his statistics, fans are drawn to Yamamoto’s youth, envisioning him as a potential long-term asset for the Red Sox.

Eduardo Rodriguez, a familiar face who pitched for the Red Sox from 2015-2021, comes in second, garnering support from 20% of readers. Rodriguez’s consistent performance, finishing the 2023 season with a 3.30 ERA and 143 strikeouts in 152.2 innings, makes him an appealing option. Additionally, his age and expected lower salary compared to other options contribute to the appeal of a potential reunion.

Shohei Ohtani, the unanimous AL MVP, is a popular choice for nearly 16% of readers. Ohtani’s remarkable two-way abilities, leading in pitching and offensive categories, make him a game-changer. However, concerns arise due to his recent surgery on the UCL in his throwing arm, raising uncertainties about his future pitching capabilities. The substantial financial commitment required for Ohtani’s signing also prompts reservations among some fans.

Other mentioned free agents include Blake Snell (5%) and Jordan Montgomery (2%), both experienced pitchers with success in the World Series and AL East. Snell’s impressive 2023 season, earning him the National League Cy Young Award, makes him a compelling option for fans prioritizing reliable starting pitching.

While the Red Sox are likely to make multiple signings in the offseason, fans participating in the survey have made their preferences clear, highlighting the anticipation and excitement surrounding the team’s potential moves.