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Pittsburgh Steelers Named Best…



The Pittsburgh Steelers have been strongly linked to quarterbacks like Justin Fields and Russell Wilson as they seek solutions for their QB situation. However, there’s a compelling alternative to consider: selecting a high-ceiling rookie in the 2024 NFL Draft and building around him.

One potential candidate is Michael Penix Jr., projected to be picked anywhere from the middle of the first round to the second round. With the Steelers holding the 20th overall pick, they could have an opportunity to acquire the Washington Huskies standout.

In fact, Jordan Dajani of CBS Sports has identified the Steelers as the ideal landing spot for Penix in the NFL Draft. Dajani suggests that Penix’s arm strength and accuracy on deep throws could complement the Steelers’ strong running game, led by Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. Additionally, Penix’s aggressive playing style and ability to gain yards on the ground could mesh well with the team’s existing roster under Mike Tomlin’s coaching.

Dajani elaborated on the potential fit, highlighting the Steelers’ new offensive direction under Arthur Smith, known for his expertise in building effective rushing attacks. With the Steelers’ formidable ground game, Penix’s skill set could integrate smoothly into the team’s offensive scheme.

While it remains uncertain whether the Steelers have a genuine interest in Penix, his availability at their draft position presents a compelling option for consideration. Furthermore, selecting a young quarterback like Penix could provide healthy competition for Kenny Pickett, offering an alternative to pursuing a veteran quarterback who might seek an immediate starting role.

Ultimately, the Steelers’ decision on their quarterback strategy will shape their approach for the upcoming season. Whether they opt to stick with Pickett, pursue a veteran like Ryan Tannehill, or explore prospects like Fields or Wilson, their choice will signify their direction for the future.

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