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Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins admits…



In the bustling city of Minneapolis, the culinary escapades of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins have become a recurring source of public amusement. Whether it’s the infamous overcooked steaks or his unabashed love for Pizza Ranch, Cousins’ gastronomic choices have long been the subject of online jests and memes. The latest addition to this culinary saga comes in the form of a new advertisement, starring Cousins and wide receiver K.J. Osborn, sponsored by Bounty and Target.

In this light-hearted commercial, Cousins and his “wingman” Osborn indulge in a plate of chicken wings while extolling the virtues of Bounty paper towels for effective hand-wiping. The banter takes an amusing turn when Cousins, known for his candor, reveals that his tolerance for spicy foods is seemingly lower than his win percentage on Monday Night Football.

“Honey barbecue, can’t beat it. I really can’t do spicy, so honey barbecue is my ceiling,” Cousins quips in the ad. Adding a touch of humor, he notes that even the honey barbecue sauce is causing a mild fiery sensation on his lips. It appears that a guest appearance on the fiery interview show “Hot Ones” might not be in the cards for Cousins any time soon.

As the duo continues their wing-centric discussion, Cousins declares his preference for drumsticks, while Osborn ardently stands by flats. The eternal debate among wing aficionados about the superior style remains an open question, leaving fans to ponder.

However, amidst the laughs and chicken wing banter, a more serious question looms for the Vikings this offseason—whether to bring back Cousins, who is slated to become a free agent in March. The 36-year-old quarterback is currently on the road to recovery from a torn Achilles, adding a layer of uncertainty to the decision-making process surrounding his future with the team. As the franchise navigates these crucial decisions, the comedic interlude featuring Cousins and his culinary escapades adds a touch of levity to the broader narrative of the Vikings’ offseason considerations.