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Liverpool player on his very serious injury



Virgil van Dijk, a star for Liverpool, expressed his dissatisfaction with his own performances from the previous season to Algemeen Dagblad.

The Reds finished seventh last season and missed out on the Champions League; they have improved this year. They are now one point behind league leaders Manchester City in the standings.

In response to criticism after the Netherlands’ World Cup defeat, Van Dijk talked candidly about his personal performance for Liverpool and his nation last season.

“Not all criticism is taken seriously by me. I have a great sense of when I play well and poorly. The previous season was at best middling and at worst awful. At Liverpool, we also had trouble as a team getting into a solid rhythm,” he remarked.

“The Nations League with the Dutch team was also not good. I have thought and talked about it a lot to be able to turn that around. That worked, I think. Things have been going very well again since the summer.”

Additionally, AD has noted that the defender appears to have returned to his peak form based on his season-long statistics.
The former Southampton player had to miss a significant amount of time in the autumn of 2020 due to a catastrophic knee injury. Now that he has spoken about it, the 32-year-old has stated that his knee “no longer provides any inhibition.”

That simply need some time. Since my damage was quite severe, it is not unexpected that you would need to reacquaint yourself with your knee. However, I no longer notice it. Van Dijk said, “I feel like I can do anything again; I haven’t had to adjust much in my method of playing.

Van Dijk is obviously happy with Jürgen Klopp’s decision to name the Dutchman the team captain for this season, which followed Jordan Henderson’s summertime departure from Anfield.

It automatically strikes me as being honorable and quite attractive. There’s probably more going on at the club level than there is at the national team level. You have a great deal of duty to the club and the rest of the team, particularly the younger boys,” he stated.

“I don’t always play in our European matches, but as captain you are still expected to be important to the team on those days. I try to do my very best in that regard. It certainly doesn’t have a negative impact on my game. Not exactly: it is more of an incentive.”


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