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Justin Jefferson rips NFL



The Detroit Lions are currently scripting one of this year’s most heartwarming narratives, a tale that has been magnified by about tenfold. Historically branded as one of the NFL’s most beleaguered franchises, Detroit is presently navigating a playoff surge that stands as an anomaly in the annals of its football history. The feel-good vibes surrounding the team have extended well beyond the confines of the city, resonating with fans across the nation. However, amidst this jubilation, a seemingly innocuous sign posted by the official NFL X account during the Lions’ face-off with the Buccaneers has sparked controversy, particularly drawing the ire of players from rival teams, including Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

At first glance, the sign appeared to be a harmless nod to Dan Campbell’s iconic “biting kneecaps” speech during his rookie coaching year. Yet, upon closer inspection, the subtleties of the sign have become apparent, explaining why fans of the Vikings and Rams are expressing discontent.

So, why exactly are Vikings and Rams fans upset about this seemingly innocent sign? The answer lies in the unfortunate knee injuries suffered by their starting tight ends, TJ Hockenson and Tyler Higbee, respectively, at the hands of Lions cornerback Kerby Joseph. Both players fell victim to low tackles by Joseph during games against Detroit, tackles that were widely condemned by many fans as dirty and resulted in ACL tears for the tight ends.

The ambiguity of whether the sign was an inadvertent reference or a fan’s insensitivity toward the injuries leaves room for speculation. Regardless, for Vikings fans, seeing what could be perceived as a celebration of a serious injury might be deeply frustrating, especially considering the potential impact on Hockenson’s availability for a significant portion of the 2024 season.

The Vikings navigated through a rollercoaster of a season, starting off on a lackluster note but gradually finding their rhythm after a few weeks. However, the setback of Kirk Cousins’ injury disrupted their momentum. Even though a few stellar games from Josh Dobbs briefly rekindled hopes, the subsequent return to reality dashed their playoff aspirations. With Cousins expected to return to the team next season, Minnesota is anticipated to harbor a desire for revenge against their newfound NFC North rivals.

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