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Is It Over Trevor Story?



Over the recent weeks, Red Sox hitting coach Peter Fatse has been on the move, checking in with players and assessing their performances. With Winter Weekend providing an opportunity to observe players in the batting cages, Fatse expressed satisfaction with the overall progress. Particularly noteworthy was his positive impression of Trevor Story, emphasizing the player’s improved movement and signs of explosiveness. Story, who faced challenges last season post-elbow surgery, is now fully healthy, benefiting from a structured offseason for the first time in three years.

Fatse acknowledges the unique circumstances that impacted Story’s first season with the Red Sox due to the late arrival resulting from the lockout. With expectations high, the focus is on providing Story with consistent at-bats and a more stable routine to help him regain his status as a prolific run producer, similar to his Colorado days.

Beyond Story, Fatse believes in the potential of other key players to contribute significantly. He sees room for improvement for stalwarts like Rafael Devers, Masataka Yoshida, and Triston Casas. For Devers, consistency is key, while Yoshida stands to benefit from better acclimation to the MLB lifestyle. Regarding Casas, Fatse sees untapped power potential, suggesting the 24-year-old first baseman could build on his impactful performances from the previous year.

While newcomers Vaughn Grissom and Tyler O’Neill have been added to the roster, the Red Sox have yet to replace free agents Justin Turner and Adam Duvall. Wilyer Abreu, a promising rookie, is expected to start as the team’s right fielder, with Ceddanne Rafaela also potentially contributing.

Manager Alex Cora expresses confidence in the group, emphasizing athleticism, better baserunning, and increased energy. Fatse echoes this sentiment, recognizing the challenge of replacing power production but emphasizing the importance of getting on base. The Red Sox aim to apply pressure through a collective approach, viewing each player as part of a nine-person attack on opposing pitchers.

While the Red Sox’s offensive strategy seems optimistic, it involves risks. Success depends on multiple factors, including Story returning to All-Star form, O’Neill maintaining health, veterans sustaining or improving their performance, and young players like Grissom and Abreu stepping up as first-year starters. If these elements align, the Red Sox could emerge with one of the league’s top offenses, challenging opponents both in prolific hitting and dynamic baserunning. However, the outcome remains uncertain, and the team must navigate challenges to compete in the competitive AL East.

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