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Hicks flies of the board



Justin Terranova of the New York Post reports that the Yankees, who had their sights set on acquiring the flame-throwing right-hander Jordan Hicks for their bullpen, faced stiff competition from the San Francisco Giants. Despite Hicks’ impressive 103-mph sinker that would have added depth to their late-inning options, the Giants secured him with a four-year, $44 million contract, intending to utilize him as a starter. This move aligns with Hicks’ preference to start, a common inclination among pitchers for various reasons such as increased involvement and potential for higher earnings. Despite appearing in over 200 games in his career, Hicks has only started eight times.

Manuel Gómez of NJ.com reveals that, prior to signing Marcus Stroman to a two-year deal worth $37 million, the Yankees were actively pursuing NL Cy Young winner Blake Snell. The Yankees reportedly made a contract offer to Snell for five years and $150 million, which he turned down. Subsequently, the Yankees shifted their focus to Stroman. The team also explored options with the White Sox’s Dylan Cease and found that Jordan Montgomery does not prioritize them in free agency.

Laura Albanese of Newsday assesses the Yankees’ acquisition of Stroman, noting that while fans may have mixed opinions on him, the two-year, $37 million deal appears reasonable for an All-Star pitcher with a consistent performance record since 2018. However, she emphasizes that the Yankees still need to bolster their roster, especially in the rotation, to contend effectively in the upcoming season.

Randy Miller, writing for NJ.com, acknowledges that the Yankees, after securing Stroman, now possess a rotation with five viable options: Gerrit Cole, Carlos Rodón, Nestor Cortes, Clarke Schmidt, and Stroman. Despite this, Miller highlights that the Yankees may require additional arms to strengthen their rotation further. He emphasizes the pivotal role of Rodón, stating that the success of the Yankees’ rotation in the upcoming season hinges significantly on Rodón’s performance. Injuries and inconsistency marred his 2023 season, contributing to the Yankees missing the playoffs with an 82-80 record. If Rodón can regain his form and stay healthy, it could elevate the Yankees’ rotation to an unstoppable level, making his performance crucial to the team’s success.

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