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Four Game-Changing New Year’s Resolutions That Will Propel the 2024 Phillies to Unprecedented Heights! ⚾



The Phillies have come close to championship glory in the past two seasons but fell short, especially in the disheartening end to 2023. As they embark on the new year, here are four non-exhaustive resolutions for 2024 that could guide them towards their third parade down Broad Street.

1. Strengthen the Starting Rotation:
While the pursuit of Yoshinobu Yamamoto didn’t pan out, the Phillies are reportedly still interested in frontline starting pitchers like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. Alternatively, targeting Shōta Imanaga, a solid No. 3 or No. 4 starter, could be a strategic move to bolster the team’s pitching and expand their presence in the Japanese market. Extending Zack Wheeler’s contract is also highlighted as a sensible option.

2. Improve Plate Discipline:
The Phillies faced offensive challenges in the NLCS, partly attributed to a lack of discipline at the plate. The suggestion is to address this by emphasizing discipline and reducing chasing pitches outside the strike zone. New assistant coaches have been brought in to assist in this regard.

3. Break the Pattern of Slow Starts:
The Phillies have developed a pattern of struggling in April and May, making a strong comeback in June to salvage their season. The resolution is to avoid this unsustainable approach in 2024, aiming for a more respectable performance in the initial months to ease the pressure later in the season.

4. Avoid the Eagles’ Fate:
Learning from the Eagles’ recent struggles, the Phillies should not follow a similar trajectory. Instead of starting strong and fading in the latter part of the season, the goal is to maintain consistency throughout, possibly aided by strategic signings like Imanaga to keep the rotation fresh for the playoffs. The Eagles’ current predicament serves as a reminder of the Phillies’ established formula for success, and they should strive to avoid a parallel decline.

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