"Former Green Bay Packers Player Condemns Team's Social Media Fan Page for Unjustifiable Post" - footballivenews
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“Former Green Bay Packers Player Condemns Team’s Social Media Fan Page for Unjustifiable Post”



The Green Bay Packers undeniably boast a loyal fan base among their former players. Over time, various ex-players, including Greg Jennings, John Kuhn (who is currently employed by the Packers), James Jones, Aaron Rodgers, and numerous others, have expressed their continued interest in the team through social media platforms.

Nevertheless, a recent incident occurred when one former player, who actively engages with fan sites on social media, came across something that deeply troubled him.

The first-round pick from the Green Bay Packers’ 2014 draft class expressed his thoughts when a fan page for the team raised doubts about the value of selecting safeties in the first round.

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