Breaking News! Yankees Make Jaw-Dropping Move! You Won't Believe Who Just Joined as Their New Starting Pitcher! - footballivenews
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Breaking News! Yankees Make Jaw-Dropping Move! You Won’t Believe Who Just Joined as Their New Starting Pitcher!



After sharing a manipulated image of himself donned in Yankee pinstripes, it was revealed by Mike Mayer of Metsmerized that Marcus Stroman, the free-agent right-hander, is set to join the New York Yankees. This 32-year-old pitcher is poised to become a valuable addition to the starting rotation, offering crucial depth, especially after prospects were traded to acquire Juan Soto. Notably, this signing is perceived as a less risky move compared to pursuing the reigning Cy Young winner, Blake Snell.

Over the past week, negotiations between Stroman’s representatives and the Yankees unfolded, suggesting that any past animosity between the two parties has either dissipated or is deemed insignificant in light of the deal. The question of whether this marks the major rotation move for the winter remains uncertain, as there are lingering speculations about potential additional acquisitions. Just before the news of Stroman’s signing surfaced, there was a leaked revelation about the Yankees extending a five-year, $150 million offer to Snell.

However, Stroman’s path leads to the Bronx, a confirmation corroborated by Bob Nightengale and Jon Heyman. Barring any unexpected developments in Stroman’s physical evaluation, he is indeed bound for the Yankees. The terms of the deal, as reported by The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, outline a $37 million guarantee for the years 2024-25, with a vesting option for an additional $18 million in 2026 contingent on reaching 140 innings.

Being a native of New York City, Stroman comes to the Yankees after posting a 3.95 ERA for the Cubs in the previous season, completing 136.2 innings. There is anticipation about what pitching coach Matt Blake can achieve with Stroman’s sinker, especially given the success he has had with other pitchers utilizing a similar pitch, such as Michael King and Clay Holmes. A two-year deal for a seasoned veteran capable of logging innings is considered a prudent move for a rotation in need of stability. Thus, a warm welcome to the Bronx, Marcus Stroman.