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Bass misses field goal



Amidst the disappointment of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass missing a critical 44-yard field goal attempt in the playoff loss to Kansas City, a heartening tale of community support and charitable giving has emerged. Despite the setback on the football field, thousands of individuals from around the nation have rallied behind Bass to contribute more than $260,000 in donations to the Ten Lives Club cat rescue shelter located in suburban Buffalo.

The surge in donations began swiftly after the game and shows little sign of slowing down, with both corporations and celebrities, including renowned TV cook and pet food maker Rachael Ray, joining the cause. The charitable outpouring has served as a beacon of positivity amidst the football-related disappointment, and the shelter’s spokesperson, Kimberly LaRussa, expressed profound gratitude, saying, “We are just mind-blown by this generosity.”

While the circumstances prompting this generosity are less than ideal, the Ten Lives Club cat rescue shelter remains optimistic that the donations will make a significant impact on their mission. LaRussa acknowledged the unique circumstances, stating, “Of course, we wish it was under better circumstances.” However, she added, “We haven’t spoken to him. But I’m pretty certain that he’s seen what’s going on, and I hope it brings him a smile.”

Tyler Bass, who has not spoken publicly since the game, suspended his social media accounts, adding an air of mystery to his reaction. The reason behind this move remains unclear, and inquiries to his agent regarding the charitable donations have gone unanswered.

Bass, who has spent his entire four-year NFL career with the Bills, first connected with the Ten Lives Club two years ago through a nonprofit organization called Show Your Soft Side, aimed at recruiting athletes and celebrities to advocate against animal cruelty. The shelter, established around 24 years ago, is a nonprofit no-kill cat shelter. Bass’s involvement in the campaign, which included heartwarming photos of him posing with stray cats, endeared him to the cause.

The significant funds raised will not only support the shelter’s day-to-day operations but also provide vital resources such as food and medical services for the cats. Additionally, the shelter plans to find a meaningful way to honor Bass for his ongoing commitment.

Buffalo Bills fans are renowned for their charitable contributions, having previously supported causes like then-Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton’s foundation in 2017 and raising over $1 million for Buffalo’s Oishei Children’s Hospital in honor of quarterback Josh Allen’s grandmother in 2020.

In the end, despite the disappointment on the football field, the Ten Lives Club cat rescue shelter stands as a testament to the power of community, compassion, and support in turning adverse situations into opportunities for positive change. As LaRussa aptly put it, “I hope this makes him feel better. We just want him to know that Ten Lives Club here is his No. 1 fan, and so are the cats.”

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