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Yankees to sign a left-handed reliver.



The New York Yankees appear to have turned their attention to the relief pitching market, with a strong interest in Hector Ner, as reported by Andy Martino of SNY. Another potential addition to their bullpen is Wandy Peralta, who has been part of the team since the 2021 season. The Yankees aim to enhance their bullpen with effective options capable of handling crucial innings. Recent acquisitions in the starting rotation include Wandy Peralta, (two years, $37 million) and Luke Weaver (one year, $2 million).

Peralta, with a career 2.72 ERA over 153 innings with the Yankees, is being considered as a valuable left-handed reliever for high-leverage situations. Despite a slightly less dominant performance last season, reflected in a 2.83 ERA over 54 innings and a 5.05 FIP, Peralta’s ability to induce groundballs (57.4% groundball rate) is recognized. His changeup-sinker-slider combination remains effective, and his pitching variability can disrupt hitters. The Yankees, having shown interest in Peralta earlier in the offseason, appreciate his style of play, emphasizing the importance of groundball generation and solid defense.

In a separate move, the Yankees brought back RHP Luke Weaver to serve in the long relief role in the bullpen. Weaver showcased promise with a 3.38 ERA in three late-season starts for the Yankees in 2023. The team is particularly fond of his cutter and four-seam fastball, hoping to unlock further potential by refining his cutter as a valuable damage-prevention pitch.

With the recent addition of Stroman to the rotation, the Yankees’ urgency for starting pitching has diminished, allowing them to focus on fortifying their bullpen for late-game situations. Despite boasting the best bullpen ERA in baseball last season (3.34), the Yankees continue to seek upgrades, particularly after missing out on Yoshinobu Yamamoto.


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