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Yankees’ knife-twist ending!



Would you like a recap of how close the New York Yankees came to securing Yoshinobu Yamamoto this offseason before he ultimately signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers? Whether or not you’re eager to revisit those disappointing weeks, Michael Kay has some sobering information that may be hard to accept.

The Yankees’ voice joined “Foul Territory” this week, extensively discussing various team topics, including Juan Soto’s acquisition, the Marcus Stroman dispute, and the potential signing of Cody Bellinger (which he believes is unlikely). Kay’s insights, highly regarded in the Yankeesverse, carry weight, even if he occasionally expresses frustration about specific team matters.

Although Kay didn’t present it in a dramatic manner during the interview, he shared a revelation about the Yamamoto sweepstakes that might evoke frustration with the pitcher’s free agency process, culminating in a 12-year, $325 million contract with the Dodgers.

Kay disclosed that just days before Yamamoto ultimately chose LA, the Yankees believed they were on the “one-yard line” in terms of securing his signature. The Yankees thought the deal was finalized, with their offered average annual value exceeding the Dodgers’. However, Yamamoto’s preference for playing in LA, possibly alongside Ohtani, influenced his decision.

Michael Kay mentioned that even if the Yankees had offered more money, the Dodgers were prepared to match and surpass the figure, regardless of the amount. In essence, there was nothing the Yankees could have done differently, despite the common belief that more money could have resolved the issue.

While it’s disheartening, the Yankees initially thought they were the preferred destination, only to lose to a team with the best player in baseball. Additionally, Yamamoto defied the expected trend of star Japanese players avoiding sharing a clubhouse stateside. For numerous reasons, Yamamoto’s transition to MLB stands out as exceptionally unique, and the Yankees must come to terms with finishing in second place in this instance.

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